Support a Bill Against Sexual Abuse of Children

It takes the POWER OF THE PEOPLE to protect the children in New York State from sexual abuse.

I am speaking on behalf of New York State's children with The Precious Child Act, a bill against child sexual abuse to protect the wellbeing and safety of our children. I was inspired to develop The Precious Child Act and place it into action when my relatives were sexually abused as children. They suffered for the rest of their lives from unfortunate circumstances. This broke my heart! We need to bring awareness about sexual abuse to children. I started contacting NYS Senators and Assemblymen to address the urgency of passing additional laws for children. This is where The Precious Child Act will step in to empower New York State's children.

Senator Boyle's Bill S6165/A3994, The Precious Child Act, would provide that arrested in connection with certain felonies relating to sex offenses where the victim is less than 13 years old must submit a DNA sample. The Precious Child Act amends the executive law section 995 by adding a new definition of "felony arrestee." This bill empowers children. Assemblymember Luis Sepulveda has sponsored this bill. The PCA has been in committee since 2015, and it was referred to finance in 2016.

Here are some other bills I support:

Senator Serino’s bill S2169/A5948 expands the single Public Lewdness provision to rename the provision Public Lewdness in the Fourth Degree, and it has been committee for over a year. This bill is sponsored by Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda.

Erin Merryn’s Law S1953/A3953 requires schools to add age-appropriate education regarding sexual exploitation and abuse. This bill was passed by Senate last year.

​Click here to donate to The Precious Child Act GoFundMe to make this bill a reality.