Be Inspired to be Happier Through My Health Consulting Plan

Holistic Health Consulting

I am so excited to announce my new holistic health-consulting plan! Happy Healing With Debra is an alternative consulting wellness program that will make you feel younger, happier, and it will enable you to find physical freedom. This targets individuals of all ages willing to self-heal, alternative medicine doctors, trainers, and those who want to find a new outlook on health and life. The universe needs to feel younger, attain true happiness, and find physical freedom at all ages. The market currently does not have an alternative technique to finding these crucial elements in life. I am living proof that my program, Happy Healing With Debra, has worked, and it has helped others as well. My program consists of a variety of healing modalities. To implement this program, you need to believe that it is possible, take baby steps every day, and be willing to do the work to heal. Happy Healing With Debra will include Qigong (energy healing), energy dancing, diet tips, physical fitness activities, and meditation. Healing plans can be customized depending on what you’re looking for. As a consultant, I will provide life-coaching services, healing advice, and I will be there for you every step of the way on your healing journey.

I love to help others heal. Since I’ve had so much experience with healing myself from life-threatening injuries, as I wrote in my book Happy Healing: What Would You Do If It Happened to You, I enjoy passing on the knowledge to those who are willing to learn and believe in the process. As you read in my book, I’ve tried hundred of healing practices out there. After seeing which worked the best for my body, mind, and spirit, I took a little bit from each technique I learned.

I want to pass the healing torch. It’s inspiring to watch other people heal. It is so much fun. Once I mastered the healing process, I began helping other people, and they had wonderful results. My job is to spread happiness to the world! It needs to be a happier place. My program, Happy Healing With Debra, enables the people of the universe to be happier, healthier, and to achieve physical freedom. I enjoy helping others find happiness, encouraging people to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Here are detailed explanations of what I offer:

Qigong -- A form of energy healing that originated in China. It uses the energy from the universe to heal the body. This powerful form of healing will change your life forever. Energy dances stem from Qigong. This technique calms your mind, and will make your body stronger. An added bonus is that these dances make you physically fit. The dances you’ll learn are Happy Happy Younger, Happy Healthy Younger, Let Pain Go, Move the Mountain, The World, and the Grounding Energy Dance. All dances are done 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.

Happy Healthy Younger makes you happier, healthier, and younger. Happy Happy Younger makes you happier and younger! You will surely brighten your day when performing these dances for 15 min. in the morning and 15 min. at night. They also make you physically fit. They stimulate the kidneys, help with stamina, and clear the mind. By doing these dances, you’ll sleep better. By shouting the positive affirmations into the universe (Happy Healthy Younger/Happy Happy Younger) you are making yourself happier and younger by projecting your intentions into the universe. You are expanding your lungs and opening your core. You are also bringing more airflow into the body to create physical freedom. The intention is to become happier.

Let Pain Go is an energy dance that brings airflow into the body, releases your body’s tension/pain, and dispels negative energy. It lets the pain go out into the universe. You will feel some results in the first 15 minutes. When I first did this dance, I felt better and my pain lessened, because whatever intentions you put into the universe will come back to you. The intention is to take all negative energy and pain out of your body.

The Grounding Energy Dance brings more airflow into the body, opens up the hips, and creates movement. It makes you feel more grounded to the earth. It gives you more physical freedom, and it is a great balancing exercise, working on core strength, and overall body toning. When you finish this dance, you’ll have more balance and notice you’ve loosened up your hips. As an example, in the first 15 minutes, I felt more movement in my hips. After my initial attempts at this dance, I noticed that my hips were opening up and I could move more smoothly. The intention here is to shout positive intentions (1-2-3, Happy Healthy Younger) into the universe, becoming more grounded and stable.

Moving the Mountain is an exercise that moves airflow into the body and releases negative energy out of the body. You are pushing the negative energy from the body by physically moving your arms in an outward direction.

The World is a very quiet dance. You are not talking. For example, when I am doing this dance and my mind is going all over the place, I work on focusing my mind. When you do this dance, you have to think about the world, and metaphorically carry the world (with arm movements). It is a very slow exercise. It helps the mind focus on the world, and it takes away all the other thoughts in your head. This dance is a form of meditation.

The purpose of these dances it that when you put your intentions out to the world they come back to you. Always be sure to state your intentions and be positive at all times for optimal healing. These dances are very simple, powerful, and they work wonders!

When you do these dances, they clear your mind. It is important to focus on the specific intention of the dance. For example, when you are doing Happy Healthy Younger, you are just focusing on that intention. This is why is it so powerful to speak your intentions.

Other services I offer include:

Dietary counseling

Every diet is tailored to individual needs. I will help you find balance in your diet. I notice when I eat certain foods, I feel better. I hope to coach you to feel better, too.

Recipes will be provided.

Holistic healing advice

Life coaching 30 min. sessions once per week (via FaceTime, Skype, phone, etc.)
Guided meditation techniques
Seated meditation and visualization – Visualize the mountains behind you. You are sitting under a huge waterfall and the water is running from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Next to you are the most beautiful, dream-like flowers. In front of you, you see a huge lake. In the lake, beautiful white lotus flowers are floating. They’re the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen.

You are mesmerized by the water, and continue to stare at it. As you are doing all of this, you are imagining that the waterfall is flowing over the top of your head, to your chest, over your back, thighs, knees, calves, and down through the bottom of your feet. You will start to feel a tingling sensation in your fingers and at the bottoms of your feet. All toxins are leaving your body. Meditation is recommended for a minimum of 20 min. I will guide you through walking meditation – clearing your mind when walking on the beach. Finding your mental happy place. Focusing on happy thoughts.

It’s not just one practice that will help you heal. It’s a combination of all these things to promote faster healing.