An Author That Encourages You to Lead a Happier Life


Debra Betesh is the Happiness Queen! As a multi-faceted, native New Yorker who possesses an energy force unlike any other. Her red aura glow exudes perseverance, tenacity, and an overall joie de vivre. As an out-of-the-box thinker, Debra takes on each day with chutzpah and sees the proverbial glass as full when participating in an array of undertakings. Her job is to spread happiness to the universe! She knows that whatever intentions she puts out to the universe bounce right back to her.

As a successful entrepreneur, talented bodybuilder, and dedicated mom, Debra always had a knack for pushing all limits and breaking down boundaries on any endeavor she launched herself on. By putting 150% of herself into each new project, she had one speed: GO! One day though, her life took a drastic 360° when she suffered from a life-threatening injury during her daily bodybuilding gym routine.

Through her inspirational tale of holistic healing that details her amazing journey to overall wellness, Debra has truly found her voice as a writer in her debut novel, Happy Healing: What Would You Do If It Happened to You?

Her healing journey from a taut bodybuilder to a fluid dancer has been a noteworthy experience, as Debra cured herself from injuries without surgery. By healing in the happiest possible way, Debra has found emotional and physical freedom in all aspects of her life -- From acupressure, to yoga, to energy healing, Debra truly paved a momentous way for healing herself that broke the status quo. By seeking alternate methods of healing, Debra is dancing through life, both literally and figuratively. She has succeeded in healing herself through immense dedication and self-love in the process.

Through this long-term quest for wellness and recovery, Debra has metamorphosed into a beautiful flower that blossoms more and more beautifully with each passing year. In the course of Happy Healing, Debra candidly chronicles her interesting experiences and lifelong lessons she has learned along the way.

As a resident of Manhattan, NYC, Debra thoroughly enjoys travelling, meditating, yoga, dancing, laughing, spending quality time with family and friends, and making a difference in the world.

She hopes to inspire you to aspire to be as happy as she is, and embark on a journey of Happy Healing, too.