Achieve Happiness in Life Through My Self-Healing Program

My name is Debra Betesh. I train people to heal themselves. You don’t need to know how to do something to practice this. What you only need is the desire to learn it.

I want to pass the healing torch. It’s inspiring and so much fun to watch other people heal. Once I mastered the healing process, I began helping other people, and they had terrific results.

My Mission

I aim to help others heal since I’ve had so much experience with healing myself from life-threatening injuries. As I wrote in my book, Happy Healing: What Would You Do If It Happened to You, I enjoy passing on the knowledge to those who are willing to learn and believe in the process.

What I Do

My job is to spread happiness to the world! My program, Happy Healing With Debra, enables the people of the universe to be happier and healthier and to achieve physical freedom. I enjoy encouraging people to become the best versions of themselves.

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My book is also available in physical copies. Click here to purchase the paperback version.

Introduction to Happy Healing

Coming Soon My New Book: Thank You Hashem

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"Debra Betesh is doing an amazing job campaigning on behalf of the children who were sexually abused in the state of New York.”

– Senator Savino

"Happy Healing is an inspirational story of self-help.”
– Dr. Kerr, Atlas Orthogonal New York

“Debra Betesh’s activism in support of New York State’s sexually abused children is truly commendable.”
– Senator Golden

“Debra is a phenomenal activist who represents child sexual abuse victims in NYS.”
– Senator Klein

“Debra is doing a great job making a stand for all sexually abused children in the state of New York.”
– Assembly Member Paulin

“Debra is a warrior who made a full recovery.”
– Grand Master Qi Feilong, Energy Healer

“Debra Betesh is doing a fantastic job in representing all the child sexual abuse victims in the state of New York.”
– Senator Boyle